Kathrin Puhan.

Business connector, moderator and trainer

  • Entrepreneurial training & advice
  • Moderations & Panel discussions
  • Storylining & Pitching

Project portfolio


  • German, Englisch, French


  • M.B.A. Universität St. Gallen/CH
  • Leadership Circle Certified Practitioner (360° Feedback)
  • Certified M.B.T.I. Trainer
  • IAP Diploma in Systemisches Coaching, Zürich/CH
  • Certified Advanced Studies in Change Management, FHNW, Basel
  • Master Phil I Universität Freiburg/D, Université de Lausanne und Universität Basel/CH

You never walk alone

  • Petra England, Assistance & Organisation
  • Lara Zaccaria, Projects Dataanalysis

Book of today

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